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View from my window.

While I am home alone I like to observe the happenings outside my window. I feel like I'm really getting to know the people I live around, without actually getting to know them. For instance, there is an old Asian man who I see constantly limping around the neighborhood. When it is hot, he walks with his shirt rolled up so you can see his old belly. I also see an Asian grandmother and her granddaughter walking all the time. In fact, I tend to see Asians walking around all the time. Perhaps I should be doing some walking. They seem to like it.

The weirdest thing is this duo of what I presume to be Mormon missionaries living next door. I feel sorry for them. Full suits even on hot days. But the strange thing, and hopefully someone can shed light on this, is that when they go off to do their Mormon thing, and they are pulling out of their parking spot, the one in the passenger seat always gets out and waves the driver out of his spot. Like its an airplane or something. I have seen the parking lot be completely empty and they will still do this. I thought maybe it was just them, but I think they have another set of Mormon duo friends over, and they were both parking their cars (again, empty parking lot) and both of the passengers got out to flag them into their parking spots. But the guys driving backed in horribly. They are BOTH taking up two spaces and didn't even get out to fix it. So clearly the passenger aid situation is some sort of institutional thing. Did Joseph Smith write about this? Will try to sneak pictures. Or a video.

Avatar volcanovixen21 *
07-23-09 11:06
Dvorak Attack
One time my dude friend answered the door buck naked to a pair of Mormon missionaries. I think that's the best thing ever since the old SNL.
Avatar a1rose
07-23-09 16:17
I have never witnessed Mormons park... a lot of the mormons around here ride bikes or walk... lol
Avatar dagnirnin2
07-24-09 01:54
One of my best friends is Mormon and she has never done the weird car thing. Nor have any of her family members. Maybe your neighbors and their friends know you're watching and want to freak you out.

Probably not but it's fun to pretend.
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